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Seamus O'Doherty & Abigail

Seamus is a thirty-something Irish-man who suffers from clinical depression. His outlook on life is mostly cloaked in dry sarcasm and stern looks. He is almost always seen with his pouty cat, Abigail, who is either perched on his shoulders or trailing behind him. 

Seamus is a writer at heart, accountant by day, and lives with his family in Dublin after his break up with his ex-girlfriend, Aileen.



Aileen is Seamus's ex-girlfriend. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she had a huge emotional impact on Seamus.


Eagan O'Doherty

Eagan is Seamus's burly younger brother. He is a light-hearted  jokester and manager of  their family farm. He refers to himself as
'the better looking Seamus'.

IgGY & ISSY O'Doherty

Iggy and Issy.PNG

Iggy and Issy are the teenage identical twins of  the O'Doherty clan. Iggy is the more mischievous of the two, while Issy tends to tag along silently. They help their elder brother Eagan with farm management.


Molly O'Doherty

Molly is the only girl sibling of the clan. She is known for her spunky attitude and being able to keep up with all the boys.


Bradan O'Doherty

Bradan is the youngest of the O'Doherty clan. He is very emotionally dependent on his oldest brother, Seamus, and regards him as a father figure.

Colleen O'Doherty (Ma)


Colleen is 'mother O'Doherty'.
She is a very kind, sweet soul. She is quite elderly and receives the majority of her financial support from her eldest, Seamus, after her husband's sudden passing.



Johann is Eagan's significant other. He is a very quiet and sweet French native.



Ted is Seamus's co worker at the accounting firm. He is a very boisterous optimist....maybe a bit...too much? He considers himself Seamus's best friend, when he may really be more of a nuisance than anything...



Alice is Ted's girlfriend and one of Seamus's friends. She is a bit of a diva and very into pop-culture. She is almost always seen with Ted.



Keith is a U.S. native who now resides in Dublin and dates Aileen. He comes off as a huge air-head, although very friendly and outgoing. He is under the impression that Seamus is Aileen's cousin....go figure.

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